Kaia the Kaka in flight

Kaia – the virtual kākā – is flapping!

Have you played the adventure app?  

KaIa the Kākā is set to return to Wellington’s Central  Park this summer. HUGE THANKS  to Wellington Community Trust for helping  to support this new season.

The unique, free-to-play journey combines story, art and gameplay to enable you to explore the fate of a virtual kākā, called Kaia, and her family on foot in nature. Using a smartphone and Facebook Messenger, you interact with Kaia answering special nature challenges, aided by artworks on site, to rescue her and her chicks from advancing predators. 

Kaia attracted large numbers of people into the Central Park last spring/summer including kids, parents, whanau, educators, gamers and tourists.  Here’s  a wee sample of what some said:

”What a lovely adventure! We found new nooks and crannies in a park we’ve been to a million times before. We could hear the kākā calling and our boy said “that’s Kaia!” It was a beautiful way to explore the environment.” Parent leader, children’s nature-play group.

“This is a super fun treasure hunt through the bush, with a chance to see wild kākā! We spent over an hour following the trail, guided by messages on the phone. Loved it!” – Parent.

“As a school group, we’d use it in Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) activities where we encourage the development of cooperation, problem solving and observation skills. We’d reflect on how the team worked together, strategies they used to complete the course effectively, how they used the clues, which clues were the easiest/hardest to crack and why.” – Primary teacher.

Kaia the Kākā aims to Inspire and engage young people and their families, whānau and community to reconnect to their local natural world and biodiversity.

Check out Kaia’s Facebook  and Nature Through Arts Facebook. More information at KaIa the Kākā – Help Defend Tāne’s Realm.