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Kaia the Kākā - Help Defend Tane's realm - BETA

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– Make It Happen –

Our Collective exists to do the work we love – assisting communities to become vital, healthy, creative and nature rich.

Our latest project, Kaia the Kākā, is a  FREE, WILD adventure in nature using a smartphone and Facebook messenger. We’ve blended innovative digital technology, urban nature, science and artworks into a compelling narrative and challenge to awaken young people’s curiosity and interest in nature. We draw on the power of creative and imaginative approaches, and young’s people love of game and their natural skills in technology.

Ultimately we aim to inspire and empower young people to connect with nature, have an active voice, and become creative problem solvers in conservation issues.

See our Kaia the Kaka project evaluation report


Kaia the Kākā is supported by many partners and collaborators . The project also supports  the Predator Free NZ initiative, currently reaching one in five households in Wellington.

Our model  has the potential to profile other citizen science issues. We are seeking partners and investment to scale up the model and create a series of interconnected journeys at multiple sites – through co-design with scientists, professional writers and artists.

There are opportunities to build a community of adventurers, waiting for the next journey and effectively available to other partners as part of that wider audience.


2018 & 2019 partners and collaborators for KAIA the Kākā

Funding partners:

New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO

New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO; Wellington City Council Arts Fund; Wellington Community Trust  and S. Brow  – private philanthropy.

Creative partners:

Enspiral -Network of developers, designers and entrepreneurs that specialise in developing innovative software and projects for positive social impact.

Lift Education E tūLift Education – Creates experiences that transform learning and lift achievement in classrooms, the workplace and at home.

KemiNiko & CoKemi Niko & Co -Designers and artists whose creative skills and expertise help change-makers realise their vision and see it thrive. Most recently celebrated for their popular public sculpture series, Miniature Huts, throughout Wellington.


Upstream - Friends of Central ParkWellington City Council, Wellington communities.