Imagine My City

Imagine My City

Young Dreams for a Nature Rich city – Exhibition 

Art Space, 17 Tory Street, WGTN CBD, March 17 -23   

Come and celebrate the dreams of Wellington’s young citizens for what their city would look like if it was wild with nature.

Tree-houses, open rivers, butterfly gardens and lizards in streets are just some of the magic that abounds. Take up a pen in this interactive, hands-on exhibition and add your own ideas! Plus there are talks and activities during the week:

Artists Kemi Niko & Co in conversation with Sophie Jerram (Letting Space) discussing the wider context of their Extend Yourself  residency: Friday 18 March 6.30-7.30 pm

Kids space – a session for kids conversations with nature youth ambassadors, hear stories and take a peek at some real critters, share ideas on the ‘wonder wall’. Sunday 20 March 2-4pm.

Imagine My City Forum discussing the potential to create synergies between nature, arts and culture to support young people to have active voices and become innovative critical thinkers in sustainable development. Sunday 20 March 5pm-6.30pm

Imagine My City - Treehouse by LucyCreated by Nature Through Arts Collective and artists Kemi Niko & Co in partnership with the NZ National Commission for UNESCO and Wellington City’s Public Art Fund, the exhibition is the culmination of the IMAGINE MY CITY 100 Day Creative Challenge  and showcases artworks, photos and films created by some young participants in the challenge.

The challenge launched in November 2015 with a wild  ‘Moa Mystery’ – an experiential art and science drama – set in a bush ‘theatre’ in the inner city suburb of Mt Cook. Since then young participants have been busy with their own imaginings of a wild Wellington expressing them through a range of their own artworks.

IMC launch - mural 2 IMC launch - water feature 3

 Imagine My City - Booth 2      Imagine My City - Step      IMC launch - Moa 5

  UNESCO Logo 70th anniversary
IMAGINE MY CITY is a Wellington-based pilot project created through a partnership with Nature Through Arts Collective and the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO. Its aim is to inspire and empower young people to join with others in their neighbourhoods to bring nature back to backyards and neighbourhoods.

Thanks to project partners Mt Cook Mobilised, Te Atiawa/Taranaki Whanui, Binge Culture, Kemi Niko & Co, Wellington City Council, Wellington Zoo, Department of Conservation, Zealandia Sanctuary and other special characters in Mt Cook!