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Kaia the Kākā - Help Defend Tane's realm - BETA

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– What do I need? –

KAIA the Kākā is live from 19 Jan-30 April 2019
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Ready to head to Central Park and help Kaia the Kākā? There are just a few things to do to get yourself ready …

you’ll need:
  • Mobile phone, tablet, or device that has a mobile connection and can take photos
  • Facebook messenger installed on a device (and a parent with a Facebook account)
  • Watchful eyes and a creative mind to defend Kaia in this outdoor adventure
  • An adult to accompany children, and manage them in Facebook messenger
  • It’s a wild adventure so bring outdoor shoes and warm clothes in case the weather is so-so.
  • A snack & water is also handy to keep you going.

So – at Central Park Brooklyn, and all set to go? ?

Here’s how to start the FREE adventure at central park:
  1. Turn smartphone mobile data ‘on
  2.  Open Facebook messenger
  3. Search for “Kaia the Kākā
  4. Type ‘hello‘ to get started!

Kaia the Kākā runs on Facebook messenger as a chatbot. So, parents and teachers – you’ll need to set up your Facebook messenger app for your kids to access Kaia the Kākā. In the chatbot Kaia the Kākā responds to you as you write texts, and in return, send photos of locations and clues in Central Park to help . All chats with the messenger are private, and are not shared with any other people.  Ideally no more than 2 users to a device (to avoid squabbles!).


We’d love to hear your feedback, to help us in developing Kaia the Kākā and further adventures like it!

If you have any questions or feedback, just contact us below.

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